Seasy Clean

Advanced Marine A/C Technology

Seasy Clean

Advanced Marine A/C Technology

Marine Air Conditioners (A/C) units have known problems that make A/C maintenance labor intensive and too frequent. Traditional marine raw water strainers must be constantly maintained, or systems failure is sure to occur. Marine raw water cooling systems are a fundamental method of cooling marine air conditioning condenser coils. The constant cooling of these coils is performed by the intake, straining and pumping of raw seawater into the A/C system, circulating it through the A/C cooling coils and pumping it back out.

Raw seawater is filled with marine microorganisms which can grow and cause harm to A/C pumps, hoses, fittings and coils. Traditional raw water strainers are notorious for clogging easily and must be constantly cleaned and maintained to avoid marine A/C failures.

Here’s where SeasyClean comes into play:

  • SeasyClean uses a Patent Pending technology that facilitates sea water flow through the entire A/C system, greatly extending the time between maintenance cycles by inhibiting marine growth and barnacles.
  • SeasyClean revolutionizes marine A/C cooling technology by taking an innovative approach to straining and preparing raw water for entry into marine A/C systems.

This process pumps raw water through an airtight siphon chamber strategically located in the upper portion of the SeasyClean unit above the waterline of the vessel. As water flows through the SeasyClean unit, its unique design creates an “airtight waterfall effect” that agitates the raw seawater, thereby interrupting the residence time necessary for sea life to grow and accumulate in the system. Unlike traditional raw water strainers, the water is gravity fed into the SeasyClean, further enhancing water flow and the water cooling capacity. Maintenance is greatly simplified and is as easy as quickly opening the cover on the front of the unit.

Additionally, SeasyClean’s unique design allows for a variety of installation options such as in the cockpit or other easily accessible locations on the vessel, allowing for greater ease of maintenance and monitoring. This advance marine A/C strainer can save you time, money and the frustration of constant A/C cooling system maintenance.

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