The Ultimate Outboard Motor

There's No Glory in "Same Old, Same Old"

Suzuki Engineers Are Going Beyond Traditional Expectations and Delivering "Awesomeness"

We've built our reputation on innovation. After all, Suzuki has won more NMMA Innovation Awards than any other outboard brand. While it's something we take great pride in, it is also something that we simply expect of ourselves.

We know that to succeed, you have to not only be different, you have to be better. You have to go faster, last longer and, yes, keep costs under control, to have a chance to compete in today's marketplace.

When you choose a Suzuki four stroke outboard, you can be confident that you're getting the ultimate in design, engineering and innovation. For more information, please visit

Viewing a challenge from a new perspective can often yield new ways of doing things that solve many problems. At Suzuki, we start with open minds and consider all the routes possible to get us where we want to go.

Yes, sometimes a tried and true approach is the best way, but more often than not, by taking our own headings and charting a new course, we can get the results we seek in new and better ways.

Ultimately, it's work. We push a lot of sharp pencils, and computers and prototypes and people, to arrive at solutions that can be very elusive. Despite the best simulations, it's often a matter of getting out on the water in all kinds of conditions, to gather the data that is needed to assure our customers get the Ultimate Outboard Motors.

Suzuki SS-Series 4-Stroke Outboards

Multi-Point Sequential Fuel Injection

Instant Throttle Response

Long Track Intake Manifold

Smooth, Efficient Airflow for Improved Performance

Offset Drive Shaft

Compact, Improves Power Output and Balance

Big Block Displacement

More Power and Torque

Exclusive Matte Black Paint Job

High Performance Look

Tournament Tested

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115SS, 150SS, 200SS, 250SS

New for 2020:
Suzuki RSS-Series
4-Stroke Outboards