Ocean Alexander, mostly known for producing luxury motor and megayachts, continues to turn the heads of the boating world with the launch of the 45 Divergence, a mid-sized center console. Manufactured at the Merritt Island facility, this is the second Ocean Alexander model that is made in America.

Aptly named, the 45 Divergence is quite a departure from Ocean Alexander’s previous builds, but with large yacht owners typically having at least a second or third boat, the 45 Divergence is the perfect day yacht and offers greater accessibility to boating locations without sacrificing the comforts of an Ocean Alexander yacht.

Marshall and his design team, flawlessly merged style, elegance and sport performance together and has fit the 45D with ingenious features that has set this boat apart from anything in its class. One of the most unique features of the 45 Divergence is the door-within-a-door fold out bulwarks on both port and starboard sides of the vessel. The door acts as a water-tight boarding gate, and when fully extended, it expands the cockpit to just over 19 feet and becomes a balcony of sorts. It’s the ideal spot to relax and unwind and makes for easy access to the water. Ocean Alexander has obtained the U.S. patent on this breakthrough design.

The outdoor galley takes entertainment to another level with the grill, a two-burner stove top, sink, refrigeration drawers, a fiberglass lid that protects the galley from the elements and a 49” TV. And finally, with 400 cosmetic variations of the Divergence, this vessel can be transformed in many ways to fit the owner’s needs.

The 45D truly is a divergence as it flawlessly merges comforts of a yacht with the size, swiftness and accessibility of a sport boat. This center console is fit with quad Mercury 350 or 400 engines and ingenious features that set this boat apart from anything in its class.