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The water is an excellent place to escape to – it’s generally calm, peaceful and inviting. We go out by ourselves or with family and friends to relax, tube, fish, or just cruise. But what if the unthinkable happens: You collide with another boat, or hit someone’s wake and your passenger is injured?

“Boat insurance might not be top-of-mind when you purchase a boat or personal watercraft, but you really should give it some thought,” says Rick Stern, Boat Product Manager at Progressive Insurance. “No matter the size or value of your boat, it’s important to be covered if you cause damage to another boat, injuries to its passengers, or even injuries to your own passengers. Accidents do happen, and when they do, our customers are glad that they had insurance when faced with the unexpected.”

Whether they know it or not, boaters who remain uninsured are choosing to self-insure, deciding to pay for any damage related to their boat and passengers out-of-pocket. Sometimes those who opt to not have insurance are boaters with a relatively inexpensive watercraft who may figure they’ll just take the financial hit if their watercraft sinks or is stolen. No big deal, right? But, say their 16 footer sinks at someone’s dock in 15 feet of water; it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to refloat and remove it. Or if a storm comes through, breaking your boat loose from the dock and crashing it into your neighbor’s 35 foot boat. The cost to repair your neighbor’s boat can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and you may be personally liable for that cost if you don’t have insurance.

“Boat insurance might
not be top-of-mind when
you purchase a boat or
personal watercraft, but
you really should give it
some thought”

Another factor uninsured boaters may not consider is the personal liability piece. Having boat insurance means you’re protected from accidents that may injure someone on your boat or another boat. Without the protection of insurance, situations like these may put the boater and their friends and families at tremendous financial risk.

If your boat is struck by an uninsured watercraft, injuring you or your passengers, both you and your passengers might be on your own and accountable for the costs of medical care unless you have a boat insurance policy with Uninsured Boater coverage. Uninsured Boater coverage is designed to cover injuries caused to you and your passengers by an uninsured boater.

These unexpected scenarios are all examples of situations that are seen far too often. By purchasing a standard boat insurance policy from Progressive, which includes Liability and Uninsured Boater coverage, you’re protected from the financial burdens of these incidents. The cost? Coverage at Progressive Insurance can be had for as little as $100 per year (*1) – a small amount that you might spend on fuel for a long weekend! Not a bad price to pay for some peace of mind while out on the water.

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1: $100 per year premium excludes state fees and taxes, and is not available in all states.